季節割烹 弥左衛門
季節割烹 弥左衛門

Access: · 20 minutes on foot from Kodaira Station, 10 minutes by car · City bus from Hanagoganei Station [via Musashi 21 · Jinjo High School, To Higashikurume Station]

Course details

【Keikoku】 Chitose ~ Chitose ~

【Keikoku】 Chitose ~ Chitose ~

By using a coupon7000 yen

Service charge 10%

  • 8items
  • 4-70persons
Reservation deadline
5 days before 21 o'clock on arrival desire day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

It will be a gorgeous celebration party for the business.Please enjoy the kaiseki cuisine prepared by the craftsmen carefully for the seasonal ingredients.

Course menu

【First Attached】 Yaki Yuba Three Kikuwari

【Appetizer】 Kakihaku vinegar, baked chestnut, cooked autumn sweet kelp roll, autumn salmon marinade, octopus boiled

【Buying】 Three kinds of fresh fish in season

【Cooking】 Grilled Pork Toro Miso Grilled

【Fried】 Tempura of crab

【Medium dish】 Grilled pottery on plate

【Meal】 Three kinds of Nigiri sushi

【Dessert】 Mango Pudding

2018/10/25 update